Should Intravenous Drips Be Banned For Treating Hangovers?

Ban_On_Intravenous_Drips_For_HangoversA senior doctor from the US governments health institute has risen concerns about the commercial use of Intravenous drips to treat hangovers should not be allowed. Scientists at the National Institute of Health specialising in in the research and treatment of alcoholism and its abuse have said; ‘it should not be allowed’ as ‘there is no scientific evidence that suggest that’ this ‘treatment is effective’.

The major concerns with the approach of curing hangovers with IV drips is that they are treating one of the short term consequences of excessive alcohol consumption or binge drinking. Whilst the long term effects of alcohol abuse can lead to liver problems, depression, anxiety, irritability, restlessness and insomnia. The treatment is offered for around $200 and the drips can contain saline, vitamins and anti-nausea medicine.

IV treatment has found growing popularity with a gradual increase in demand, as it offers almost immediate relief, whilst drinking water would also allow for patients to absorb vitamins and recover given some time. Doctors recommend avoiding excessive alcohol use, unfortunately patients tend not to follow such advice on their recreational activities as with smoking a weight loss, there is only so much they can do.