Samsung Reveal Prototype Device With Flexable OLED Display

It’s no secret that Samsung are leading the way in OLED technology. They have been numerous samples of flexable screens in use, however thay had not come up with any real life use for them until now.samsung_flexible_oled_screen_phone

Yes having a flexable display has it’s obvious benefits, it won’t break that easily is being the main one that comes to mind. Then again you probably don’t want it flopping around all over the place all the time, most of the time you’ll want to view a flat screen. The benefit of a flexable OLED display where Samsung have moulded it into a fixed possition on the prototype is…Samsung_Flex_CompilationAs you can see you could have the screen curve over the size of a device, most likely to be a mobile phone, enabling it to display notifications which could be visible when inside a prtective case. The other benefit of OLED technology is that individual pixels can be turned off so that when notifications appear on the side the rest of the screen can remain off in to preserve battery.Samsung _Flex2

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