Plus Pool – Filtering River Water For Public Swimming

Plus_Pool_1Plus Pool is a crowd funded project which started on Kickstarter. The goal is to allow the people of New York to swim in the river water by filtering a small section making it clean and safe. Plus_Pool_5

As a crowd funded project, anyone can contribute toward the pool and there is even an incentive if you donate $200 you can have your name ingraved on a tile with a message up to 50 characters, there are even options to have graphics printed.Plus_Pool_3

The aim is to sell all the tiles and reach a goal of $250,000. Once the target has been met the remaining $15-Million budget will be funded from various partners that have teamed up and gotten involed with the Plus Pool development.Plus_Pool_2

This video from the Kickstarter team explains more about their project development and the work that has been put into making this dream a reality. Moreover the Plus Pool development could increase tourism and create an exciting atmosphere as many peeple will be intrigued with the concept of swiming in a floating pool on the river.

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