New £10 Note Controversy On Twitter

Over the past week people have made outragous comments on the popular social network ‘Twitter’ toward Carloine Criado-Perez, who had been campaining to get more female faces on British currency, in addition to the Queen who graces every note and coin.Jane_Austen_Concept_Note

The new note set to roll out in 2017 and will feature Jane Austen, the author of Pride & Prejudice. The concept note based on the only known surviving portrait of Jane drawn by her sister Cassandra. The quotation itself is taken from Pride & Prejudice and has also been criticised as a poorly chosen quote. Perez was neither happy with the design.

With the amount of media attention that novelist Jane Austen’s appearance on the new £10 note has drawn, leading to online rape threats and other anti-feminist comments toward Perez. Twitter is making more of an effort to stop abuse, which can be a near impossible task moderating the millions tweets that are continualy posted, by adding a ‘report abuse’ option to their website and android apps in addition to the existing iOS app.

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