Online Discrimination Against Female Games Developers

#gamergateThere has been much concern over the Gamergate controversy which has been trending as #gamergate online, when Zoe Quinn had been attempting to publish an indie game on Steam, an ex-boyfriend had posted neggative comments online coincided with abusive phone calls, once having eventually gotten her game, Depression Quest, published.

The movement #gamergate, appear to be against the indie developer which most mobile app stores encourage, anyone can be a developer and this is where a lot of core gamers are concerend about the future of the games and who is making them. On the other hand due to the large media coverage and attention from the controversial comments made against female game developers and gamers, there has been a possitive movement to encourage more girls to get involved within the gaming community and rise against the #gamergate movement.

Games development has become easier and easier as time passes and more tools become available, it is even encouraged that children study basic computer programing from an early age with devices such as the Raspberry-Pi being a cost effective way to get small programable computers into schools.