Gorillaz Return – New Artwork

After a few years away from the studio, the band has allegedly reformed, having not released any new material since 2011. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be producing new music in the immediate future, however as co-creator Jamie Hewlett whom has released new images via Instagram, also commenting ‘Yes, Gorillaz Returns’.

In 2012 Damon Albarn had made it clear that he felt that he felt there wasn’t a future for Gorillaz or Blur, whereas Hewlett commented that their music and visuals ‘were at cross purposes somewhat’. The news of the band reuniting seems genuine coming from Hewlett, therefore it would appear any differences they might have had would have been resolved. Their latest album ‘The Fall’ was recorded on an iPad during their autumn tour in 2010, so it be interesting to see where the band will draw their inspiration from this time around.

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