Windows 8 Out Now

Today we find the global release of Windows 8, being the 26th of October as promised. The build up hasn’t been all that due to the developer preview having most of the features for testing and the leaked adverts that can be found online.

However both Apple & Google have take precautions with todays release in mind, where Apple have updated their iPad and introduced a smaller version and Google are rumored to be revising their Nexus tablet and introducing new Nexus devices this month.

Then again every company wants to be ahead of the competition and stay in the lead.

Here is one of the videos for WIndows 8.

There will be two variants of Windows 8, an ARM version called WIndows RT to compete with other tablets at a lower price level, such as Android & iOS devices and an Intel version which will be running on various devices from Tablets, Laptops and Desktops which Microsoft currently dominate the PC market with Windows 7.

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