Bargain Hunting In The 21st Century

The price of keeping up to date with the latest trends is increasing every year. It’s not just the tax increases that are pushing the prices up, but the gentle price increase the labels are slowly integrating into their lines. In essence you could have bought something that is still in season today, two years ago for 25% less than the current RRP. Of course this varies dependant on the product, clothing will change from season to season where new lines are introduced to replace the old ones, which then go into the sale. However there is always the possibility of vintage items and how fashion is in a cycle every twenty years. Now here where things get interesting as you might find yourself in a situation where you’ve purchased an item of clothing, to find that next seasons costs slightly more, does that devalue your previous purchase or increase it to the same value? It may be both, dependant on demand. There could be a modification to the latest iteration giving the previous style a different perceived value. This could be a positive or negative value depending on the preference of the consumer. On the other hand with accessories such as sunglasses, bracelets, watches and any jewelry type item, where the changes are minimal from season to season and quite often none at all. So why does the price continue to go up with everything else? Well there’s little we can do about this, however we will be committed to informing you where the latest bargains can be obtained whether it be in the sale or that vintage look at amazing value. So don’t forget to check back with us for updates on online stores and the local stores on your high street.

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