Part of Your World – Apples Latest iPad Advert

Apple have always come out with some very creative adverts to market their products. The latest borrows lyrics from Disneys The Little Mermaid, a throwback to the Windows VS Mac style adverts from the 2000s, only this time it’s PCs in general, which in practicality could include Macs.

Naturally Apple have always tried to differentiate their iPads from a PC, but lately they have been making them productivity powerhouses, providing you don’t have a need for legacy apps and don’t mind the locked down iOS ecosystem, which is now known as iPad OS for Apples tablet computers.

Of course the lastest iPad Pro is simply has last years M1 mobile chip, which is essentially a beefed up A series chip which borrows architecture designs from Apples years of developing it’s own chip designs for its iOS devices. The main benefit was having this chip in a Mac, providing excellent battery life and decent performance at an affordable price, making the base model Macbooks (Air/Pro) much more competitive against their Windows counterparts. Apple did a great job with this, unlike Microsofts failed Windows RT project which was using an Nvidea SOC developed for mobile devices as opposed to a productivity device such as a laptop/tablet covertable. Again Apple have done great with the software here, but moving it back to the iPad only brings a great performance bump, nothing more, but of course iPad sales eat into their Macbook sales, so why not focus their attention there for those who do not need a fully fledge laptop.

Just know that if you do become part of the Apple iOS/ iPad OS world you might find that you’ve lost your voice and there’s no going back. Get one of the Macbooks for productivity instead?