Man Continually Recovered From Multiple Cancers Could Help With Cure

Doctors have said that Dr. James Hull should have died many years ago, however over the years he has been diagnosed of multiple forms of cancer, ranging from stage three bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer and skin cancer.

Pancreatic cancer has a mortality rate of 94% within the first five years, however seven years on from his diagnosis, Dr. James Hull is still going strong, in spite of the fact that he declined to have a liver transplant as recommended by doctors as his best chance of survival. The cancer has since stabilised and not currently progressing.

It’s worth noting that James’ white blood cells (T-Cells) have been confirmed to be attacking the cancer cells and it’s even been described as Armageddon. This is unusual because cancer cells are often a collection of mutated cells, being that they are identified by white blood cells and the bodies immune system as part of the bodies own cells and should therefore not be attacking them.

So how does one mans unusual white blood cells, that are able to target cancer cells whilst not causing any damage to organs or other cells going to help with a cancer cure? It’s going to be a long process, scientists have already tested them against other patients cancer cells and they have the same Armageddon effect. Scientist are studying this phenomenon and James himself is making an effort to assist with the research as he has sold off many assets to help fund the research which could potentially help millions of people each year and they are reaching out to any other survivors who would be able to volunteer with the research.

On another note; Dr. James Hulls’ unusual white blood cells could be his body’s way of dealing with his multiple cases of cancer and that he might have inherited this from one of his parents whom might have had a more efficient immune system to prevent the cancer before it even became apparent.