Gangnam Style Surpasses One Billion Views On YouTube… The World Does Not End

Back In November ‘Gangnam Style’ had become the most viewed video of all time, surpassing Justin Beibers ‘Baby’. However today it reached over one billion views and is still going strongly in an upward direction.

The video is quite entertaining and therefore has good reason to have reached such attention as people share it with others for various reasons be it to see the hilarious dance or listen to the song. Along with the fame of the video from PSY has also come various merchandise, TShirts, Apps and many parodies. The revenue from the video alone is said to be $8.1Million, which has come from YouTube ads, iTunes and other commercial deals.

As far as the world ending on 21.12.2012 with the Mayan Calender. That’s much to be argued about. Now there is yet another day to look forward to and besides if everyone decided to stop their usual routine yesterday and live it like it was their last day in earth… the business world would have come to a halt as a certainty.

Until then. GANGNAM STYLE !

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