August Smart Lock – The Connected Home

Today is startup company August have annouced that they will be marketing their smart lock via the Apple store, the reason behind this being that people often like to see a physical product before purchase, this also opens up the product to more people whose devices would most likely be compatible with.august_bt_lock2

August are looking into other connected products however they are currently focusing on perfecting the smart lock, after all the lock on your front door is of upmost importance and no-one wants it to fail. The lock connects via Bluetooth 4.0 LE to connect to smart devices which is it fully controlled by, the target audience is aimed toward those household which have the need for multiple people to enter the household at different intervals such as cleaners or dog walkers, you can also remotely control the lock anywhere within range unlocking the door from another room should you know who is at the door.

The connected home is something many companies have tried to acomplish however each device seems to need it’s own app to be controlled with and therefore there’s a plerotha od different standards and apps that have been under development. Augusts partnership with Apple means its Smart Lock will be compatible with Apples HomeKit.