Mind-Controlled Bionic Leg Used To Climb Chicago’s 103 Story Willis Tower

Zac Vawuter age 31 says he is a test pilot, although he doesn’t fly a plain, as he is the first person to use a bionic leg this advanced to climb the 103 flights of stairs of Chicagos Willis Tower. This is a huge advancement in prothetics where the artifical limb uses targeted muscle reinnervation, this communicates with the severed muscles which would have orginally controlled movement in his missing leg. Now the communicate with the $8-million bionic leg. These advancements are said to become more mainstream within the next decade, by then they should be more afordable for aputies, whilst the project is the success of a collaboration between the department of defence and several universities.

Vawter claims that the leg helps him move like he used to, where it’s no longer ‘numb’ and that it pushes back of the ground unlike any other prothetic limb. “With the bionic leg, it’s simple, I take stairs like I used to, and can even take two at a time”. The event was a success and he had completed the 103 flight climb in 53minutes 9seconds. He told reporters. “The prosthetic leg did its part, and I did my part”.

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