Is This The Future Of Your Living Room?

Both Microsoft and Sony have released videos presenting ideas for the future of their current consoles. Microsoft have gone with an argumented reality concept which projects images around the TV to include a more immersive experience, whereas Sony have gone one step ahead and made films using 3D projection.

Microsofts Illumiroom is designed with Xbox in mind, where the surrounding area is mapped using kinect, then images are projected in real time.

On the other hand Sony have created trailers in conjuction with creative studio agency Studio Output and The Marshmallow Lazer Factory facilitating the playstation move controllers to pinpoint location and adjust perspective.

Sonys idea would be better suited to the empty box room in order to produce the best results, there is always the hope that 3D projection films may arrive in the cinema, as the area needs to be collaborated accordingly. Although Microsofts concept appears to be the more affordable and likely option to be made available to consumers.

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