iOS 8 – Has Apple Made An Android Clone

With the launch of iOS 8 today many new apps will be coming to the app store, old ones will be updated to make use of the latest software and hardware alike, utilising the more open file system, most notably are the two keyboards that have been launched today. Swype and SwiftKey both have had tremendous success on the Android platform with their gesture based input methods, that allow users to slide their fingers across the keyboard from letter to letter, smarter predictive text and other unique features.

Swype is probably the most acclaimed, owned by Nuance, the company which helped with Apples development of Siri, their keyboard also comes with Dragon voice dictation which requires an internet connection, users can download different languages and the word prediction is excellent for both gesture and voice. SwiftKey offers very similar features, however focuses more on predictive text, it also gained more traction amongst Android users as it had been available for download on the Google Play store whilst Swype was still in beta. Both keyboards learn the more they’re used, own words can easily be added to their dictionary and they can even sync with the cloud and social accounts to learn about the users writing style. Customisation has always been one of one of Androids strongest selling points and this is a step in the right direction for Apple who have always locked down their devices for a homogenous experience across the board.