Does PayPal Have A Vendetta Against Apple Pay?

Those leading the way in secure online payments wouldn’t want to be excluded from one of the latest methods of business, PayPal has gone to twitter to hint how dangerous the yet to launch Apple Pay could be, with a rather aggressive marketing strategy ‘we the people want out money safer than our selfies‘ Apple hadn’t gone into much detail about the recent iCloud hacks on various celebrities, however they refuse to accept it as a security issue and rather the result of individuals being targeted by hackers.

In 2013 PayPal was trusted with over £76.8 billion from merchants, and is fulfilling a major role in how payments are made online which were previously only held by major banks and credit card companies. They also have methods for accepting card payments via chip and pin, therefore Apples decision to exclude third party apps from accessing the NFC chip in the latest iPhones means that iOS users will have to use Apple Pay should they feel the need for contactless payment.